29 Sep 2017
Estate agent mistakes

As an estate agent, all you have to do is sell the property, right? Despite the fact that you require no formal qualifications to become an estate agent, it isn’t as clear cut as it first might seem. Despite the fact selling properties is obviously going to be one of the priorities, there’s much more to the role than just that. Unfortunately, many estate agents, especially those new to the industry, forget that there’s other steps to being an excellent estate agent and make a host of mistakes. Here’s the 5 main estate agent mistakes that we’ve seen happen time and time again.

One: Promising the best price

In a bid to get more clients, this is a rookie estate agent mistake that’s easily made. If you’re new to the industry and you’re desperate to have a customer, it can be easy to promise the first person that comes around that you can get them the best price for their property. Whilst this isn’t a problem if you really can get them the best price, saying this suggests that you definitely will. Often you won’t be able to get the best price which will cause serious problems for your future in the industry. Even if that certain client might not be too bothered, it can destroy your reputation.

It’s always better to be honest with your client about the price you can get them so you know what you have to achieve. If this means you lose out on a couple of clients, it’s no big deal. That’s a better scenario than earning yourself a bad reputation.

Two: Not making yourself familiar with the local area

To sell a property, it’s important that you know about the area it is based in. Far too often, estate agents don’t know anything about the local area. This can mean that they’re showing the house to people who won’t be interested or can’t answer questions of people just moving into the area.

For example, they can end up showing a house no way near a school to a family with 3 young children. Avoiding embarrassing situations like this is important as you won’t sell the house if you’re showing the wrong people around!

Three: Not listening to clients

Always on ‘estate agent mistakes’ lists, this is one that far too many make.

When you’re selling a property on somebody’s behalf, their input is obviously crucial. If clients have certain demands to make of you when you’re selling their property, not following their needs can cause a host of problems for you. It can lead to the client pulling out if the situation becomes too serious.

Especially for somebody new to the industry, if you do not listen to your clients, you’re quickly going to get a bad reputation and soon be out of business.

Estate agents are known for having a problem when it comes to listening to their client’s demands so it’s important for you to try and be different from the rest. This can garner you a good reputation.

Four: Not returning calls

Have you ever tried to call somebody and they’ve never got back to you? Frankly, it’s an extremely annoying situation that frustrates the best of us. When somebody is relying on you to sell their property, it’s important to make sure that you’re constantly getting in touch with them so that they know what is happening.

If you’re not getting in touch with your clients, you need to start now! Don’t make this easy to avoid mistake.

Five: Writing bad property descriptions

By far the worst of the estate agent mistakes, this is one to avoid at all costs!

When you’re trying to sell a property, you need to make sure that your descriptions are not only detailed but persuasive. When you have a mass of property descriptions that you need to write, you can sometimes start slacking in ways that you might not immediately notice.

We think that creating bad property descriptions is possibly one of the worst things that you can do. If your descriptions are not good enough, people won’t even come to view the property.

Luckily, there’s tools available to make sure you have the best possible property description every time, like the service we offer. With our service, you can create property descriptions that are persuasive and detailed enough to encourage people to come to a viewing, then it’s down to you to portray the property in the best possible light.

Get in touch today about using property scribe to create your wonderful property descriptions and don’t make these estate agent mistakes!

14 Sep 2017
Different estate agent

There’s plenty of competition if you’re an estate agent. From big corporations that are nationwide to the little local estate agents, you have lots of established competition who all have a place in the market. As a new estate agent or one looking for more establishment, you need to present something different to what other estate agents already present. This blog post is written to help you decide how you can portray your business to be different from all the others out there and becoming a different estate agent.

Excellent customer service

Estate agents have an awful reputation for their customer service. Regularly slated for not really caring about their clients, there’s a definite mistrust publicly despite the importance of them for moving to a new house. To find your place in your market, you should focus on having good customer service. This means making sure that you and your staff are always as friendly as possible with clients that you have. There’s always going to be difficult clients but you must do your most to be as nice as possible. If you can get your customer service right, people are likely to recommend you to their friends and colleagues if they end up moving to a new house. This is great for a small estate agent just starting out as it will mean you’ll have a steady stream of customers.

Aim to make everything hassle free for your clients

If your client is moving to a new house, they’re going to be going through plenty of stress. Whilst this isn’t your fault, it is really helpful if you can make it as stress-free as possible for any clients you have. This could be little things such as not calling them with little issues or acting as someone they can talk to. This is where a lot of estate agents lack. They have a bad reputation for just being an estate agent for the big money that they get. If you can get away from that reputation for your business, you enhance your chances of being successful greatly.

Speak plain English

Lots of estate agents do their most to sound as posh as possible. Whilst this is all nice for some clients, some people cannot cope with it. Not only can it annoy people but it can also mean that they don’t understand important things because it’s explained (or not explained at all) in ways that they don’t understand. Whilst it’s important to maintain a professional, smart appearance, speaking to your clients in plain English can enhance your business compared to your competitors. Doing this will allow you to connect with a larger group of people. It’s very appealing for clients to speak to somebody who’s just like them!

Put yourself in the client’s shoes

This is similar to the last point in that we’re saying you should think like the client most of the time. To become a different estate agent, it’s important that you offer each client a personal service. By putting yourself in their shoes, you are going to give them a better service. For example, there’s no point offering them houses you know they can’t afford. Assess the situation and think like the client. This could mean placing a client with children near a school. After all, it would be pointless offering them a house 30 miles away from any school!

Making sure you become a different estate agent can really be the difference between becoming respected and disappearing.