15 Oct 2017
Property descriptions aren't providing viewings

When you pour hours into creating property descriptions, it’s extremely disappointing when they’re not working out for your business. Not only is it disheartening but it also puts pressure on you to succeed and start creating better property descriptions.

To help solve your property description woes, we’ve written this blog post about why your property descriptions aren’t providing viewings.

You’ve made typing errors:

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is making grammar and spelling errors in your property descriptions. Even one little error like a misplaced comma can affect how a potential buyer sees you and your agency. This means you won’t even get somebody viewing the house you’re trying to sell, so you definitely won’t be able to sell! Taking a few minutes to look over your descriptions can help you to find any errors but you should also always ask somebody else to look over your work as it’s a well-known fact you never notice your own mistakes.

You don’t use bullet points:

Whilst this isn’t going to be a major reason why your property descriptions aren’t providing viewings, we think it’ll definitely be a factor. With bullet points, an article is significantly easier to read. It shows the reader what they need to know without having to read in much detail. In today’s fast paced world, having to read paragraph upon paragraph to find out a few details isn’t going to work for most people. Bullet points allow you to be concise and straight to the point.

You haven’t used pictures:

People like visual. That’s why it’s important that you have plenty of pictures connected to your property description that demonstrate everything that you have mentioned throughout the description. With some pictures of what you’re describing, people can easily imagine how their stuff would fit into the rooms without having to try and think it off the top of their heads without pictures. If you have no pictures, people can sometimes think that you have something to hide from them. You don’t want this as it will mean nobody is interested in the property anymore.

You’re not descriptive enough:

Persuasive description is everything when it comes to property descriptions as it’s imperative you get somebody to purchase the house you’re trying to sell. Without adequate description, people aren’t going to know whether the house is for them or not. For example, if you say that all the bedrooms are ‘a good size’, how is the potential buyer going to know what this means? You need to make sure that your property descriptions are adequately descriptive so that people can decide whether it is in fact a ‘good size’ for them or not.

You overuse ‘sales speak’:

If your property description is full of phrases like “best in the area” and “like nothing you’ve ever seen”, it’s unlikely to get any real attention from potential buyers or viewers. Why? Because when you’re using phrases such as those we’ve mentioned, it is clear that you’re simply trying to shift the property! If you truly believe it to be the best in the area, tell the person ready why, not that it is.

Still struggling?

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