30 Nov 2017
sell a property

As an estate agent, constantly creating engaging property descriptions is becoming progressively harder. After all, when it’s all you do, all day long, how can you continue to come up with interesting descriptions? Have you noticed that recently your property descriptions aren’t actually selling properties anymore? Here’s 3 sentences that you shouldn’t but probably do include in your descriptions to sell a property and how you can modify them to improve your property descriptions considerably… then watch your sales skyrocket!

‘The bedrooms are all a nice size’

The problem with this sentence: This sentence is inexplicably lacking in crucial details. When you’re describing the size of a space or a room, you need to make it clear what the size of the rooms actually are. Remember, saying that the bedroom is a ‘nice size’ is a subjective statement: It’s completely open to opinion whether a room is a ‘nice’ size or not. Including this in your description might just make people think that you’re trying to hide something from them; they’ll potentially think the room is small due to your vagueness.

How you can fix the problem: This problem is obviously quite easy to fix: Just include details about the space. For example, measurements. Whilst measurements aren’t going to entertain or persuade some people (some people might not even know what the measurements mean), you can also add photos to your property descriptions of the rooms that you’re describing so that the potential buyer doesn’t have to try and visualise it. This is certain to help you sell a property.

‘The area has some schools and shops’

The problem with this sentence: The issue with this sentence is the ambiguity. People looking at your description don’t actually know what’s around the house as ‘schools and shops’ doesn’t really tell them enough to decide whether it’s suitable for them. By saying ‘schools’, for example, a potential buyer doesn’t know whether this is a primary or secondary school when they may be looking for one in particular.

How you can fix the problem: Fixing this problem is easy. Spend a couple of minutes looking into the area around the house and see what’s around. Instead of ‘schools and shops’, say what schools and shops. For example, if there’s a primary school and a secondary school, make it clear that there’s both. Potential buyers will then know if the area has what they need from it. This will help you sell a property.

‘In the back garden, there’s some decking and an area of grass’

The problem with this sentence: Whilst this sentence clearly states there’s ‘decking and an area of glass’, it isn’t really promoting these features very much. Features such as decking, and garden space drastically improve the value of a property so when they’re virtually ignored, you’re missing a big opportunity to raise the value of the property and pique somebody’s interest; Especially when somebody is likely to be just glancing at your description.

How you can fix the problem: You can fix this problem in a couple of ways. We would recommend emphasising the decking specifically, describing it in a way that can help a potential buyer to visualise it. For example, the spacious decking in the back garden is ideal for hosting a BBQ with your friends; this allows the buyer to visualise what they could do if they had that space. This will help your chances of selling a property.

15 Nov 2017
New Estate Agent Selling Tool

As an estate agent, it can be tiresome filling out property descriptions day after day. Not only is it tiresome but also frustrating. Constantly having to refer back to previous descriptions to make sure that they’re consistently formatted can be extremely time consuming. What if there was a tool that could counter this issue by allowing you to create effective, consistent property descriptions in a timely manner? Well, now there is. Property Scribe exists so that you can create the most effective descriptions possible whilst ensuring they’re formatted in a way similar to that of your previous work. So, what is Property Scribe, the new estate agent selling tool, what can it do for you and how do you join?

What is Property Scribe, the new estate agent selling tool?

Property Scribe is an innovative tool designed to assist you in creating cohesive and effective property descriptions in a fraction of the time that you currently spend creating property description. The first of its kind in the realm of property description writing applications, it’s a tool that many people are beginning to use.

How did Property Scribe begin?

Whilst this new estate agent selling tool is contemporary and innovative, the team behind Property Scribe have a long industry in the property industry, reaching back over a decade. The Property Scribe team are a group of professionals who specialise in selling & rental of properties. With over 10 years working on this, the dedicated team of professionals have business know how that is unsurpassed.

Why was Property Scribe created?

Property Scribe was created with the intention of helping estate agents to create the best property descriptions that are uniform so that it’s clear that they all came from the same place.

The team behind Property Scribe have experienced working in a group of people prior to the creation of the tool and discovered that due to all the people working on property descriptions, they were inconsistent. This was because of all the individuals’ different backgrounds and skill bases, resulting in a range of writing techniques that just didn’t go together.

The Property Scribe team found that with a consistent format across all the property descriptions, properties sold much better and clients had a much better view of the estate agency. Property Scribe was then created so that estate agents could ensure that in the future, all their property descriptions would have a consistent format.

How can you join?

Property Scribe is as simple to join as it is to use the tool – that’s very simple, if you didn’t know!

As a new user, you can start your free trial today. Unlike free trials you can get to other tools all other the internet for various services, you have access to everything our new estate agent selling tool offers free of charge.

If you find that the tool isn’t for you after you’ve used it for the free trial, you can simply cancel or suspend your account and monthly subscription – it’s as easy as that.

Try Property Scribe, the new estate agent selling tool, completely free now!