30 Jan 2018
Property Scribe

Surprisingly, and shockingly, you don’t require any qualifications to become an estate agent; no matter what you’ve done previously, you could jump right into the job without any training, and start to sell properties – right? Well, actually, it’s not as simple as it might seem straight away.

Selling properties is one of the priorities, but there’s also much more to being an accomplished estate agents that many people who are new to the industry don’t realise. There’s many mistakes that everybody makes, but only some move on from these and correct their errors.

So, what mistakes do estate agents make the most? Here’s our guide to what you should try and avoid.

Not bothering with property descriptions

Whilst you might be the best salesperson in the world, estate agency isn’t as simple as that: people will read your property descriptions, and they will build an impression of you based upon your descriptions.

Whilst it’s easy to look at the mass of descriptions that you have to write and simply not bother, or rush, it’s important to make sure you ooze a good first impression before the potential buyer comes to meet you.

When writing your property descriptions, it’s important to make sure that your descriptions have adequate detail, along with inconspicuous persuasive elements. Even if you’re not the best writer, you need to make sure that you include both detail and persuasion.

If your descriptions are getting on top of you, there’s easy-to-use tools that can make the process much simpler for you. An example of one of those is the service that we offer.

Not returning calls

If you try to phone somebody and they don’t reply – then don’t get back to you – it’s both annoying and frustrating.

If somebody has entrusted you to sell their property – effectively their most prized possession – they’re not going to be happy if you’re ignoring them and not giving them updates on the process. All this will lead to is people leaving you to go work with others who are more reliable in terms of getting in touch. This is obviously something that you want to avoid at all costs.

Lack of familiarity with the area you sell in

To sell a property, you obviously have to understand the area that you’re based in. Or you’d think it was obvious, anyway!

On a far-too-regular basis, estate agents actually have no clue about the area that they’re selling properties in. This can mean that they end up showing the house to the wrong people or can’t answer the questions of people who are moving to the area. Also, for your property descriptions, you need to show an understanding of the area that the business is placed in.

As an example of how important this is, if an estate agent is selling a property to a family of four, with 2 children, this family is probably going to want to live close to a school. If you’re showing them houses that are nowhere near any schools, this isn’t going to work at all.

15 Jan 2018
estate agent

Trying to become an estate agent? You’re probably already aware that it’s difficult. It’s undoubtedly a difficult industry to break into, particularly due to the fact that there’s a wide range of agencies offering a wide range of different deals, appealing to potential buyers and sellers alike. Even if you’re already established, there’s a level of competition that means you have to keep working hard to gain new sellers and buyers.

So, it’s paramount that as an estate agent you get people to sell their house with you. This means that you have to have something unique that appeals to them.

This is our guide to how you can be unique and appealing to those looking to sell, and buy, a new property.

Gain a (good) reputation for your customer service

Whether you’re established or new to the industry, there’s one thing that you need to get right: your customer service. Especially is you’re new to estate agency, you need to make sure that your few customers are attended to with unsurpassed customer service.

If you’re always keeping them up to date, checking on them, and making sure that the process is giving them what they’re after, this will lead to them recommending you to others so that you potentially end up with more clients.

On the other hand, if you have poor customer service, you’re probably not going to end up with any more clients – tragic for an estate agency.

When you consider the fact that people can go to places such as Google and Facebook and post a review in mere seconds, it’s crucial to make sure that none of these are negative.

Choose your target audience – and stick to it!

Whilst it’s hard to choose your target audience when you’d rather stick to catering to everybody, a preferred target audience (and marketing that demonstrates your choice) can really help you to find your place in a cluttered industry.

By making it clear who you’d prefer to work with, the demographic that you focus upon is more likely to come and work with you, as they know that you’d be more than happy to give them the best possible service as they’re your preference. For example, if you specifically target young people, pushing this point in your adverts, blog posts, social media and website will see this is they perform a search through Google.

Create and nurture your web presence

If somebody is thinking of selling with you, they’re bound to look at how you’re selling the houses that you’re currently marketing. This means that you need to make sure that everything that you’re presenting is presented well.

If you have social media pages – which you definitely should – you need to make sure that all of your posts make sense and that all of the photographs are right; you’re not going to sell properties if your posts feature blurry photographs and misspellings.

On top of the points above, it ultimately comes down to how your website looks. When you’re sending people to your website, they’re going to leave quickly if it looks bad. Make sure that this doesn’t happen by having a responsive, eye-catching website.