28 Feb 2018
Property Description

The estate agent industry is volatile, so it is crucial to make sure that you are selling homes consistently all year around. If you are not selling properties, you are not going to make any money; if you’re not making any money, you’re not going to have a business left in a couple of months. So, how can you make sure that you’re selling properties all year around, and what can Property Scribe do to boost the potential of your business?

Why you need to sell all year around

There are a few reasons why it is important to make sure your properties are flying off the books all year around and we are going to tell you about a couple of those reasons to help you understand the significance.

  • To get more people to sell with you: If you evidently have a proven track record of selling properties in very little time, it is likely that more and more people will want to sell with you. After all, nobody wants their property to be on the market for a year; the majority of people want a quick process. If you aren’t selling properties, people won’t choose to sell with you.
  • To help your reputation: By selling properties consistently all year around, it can give you a good reputation for your selling ability. This is beneficial as the better your reputation, the more people will want to work with you.
  • People will return when they’re selling again: If you have demonstrated that you can sell their home once, people are likely to return to you when they want to sell a property that they have. By proving your talent, you’re increasingly likely to have repeat custom.

Why you need to use Property Scribe

There are a multitude of reasons why you need to use Property Scribe to help with your descriptions, so we are going to explain just a couple of those reasons here for you.

  • You’ll sell more: The benefit of using Property Scribe is proven, no matter the properties that you’re selling. By using the tools that we offer to boost your descriptions, you’re almost certain to quickly notice a difference to the amount of properties that you’re selling.
  • Everything, in one place: Property Scribe is an all-in-one tool that you can use to create all different types of property description. Whether you’re selling a home or a building that has commercial purposes, you can craft the perfect description with this multi-purpose tool.
  • Increases cohesiveness: When you have too many people creating property descriptions for your properties, it can quickly become a muddled affair that is easily noticeable to people that are taking a look at your properties. This can obviously be very off-putting and distract people from what they should be doing: buying a property from you.
  • Improved brand image: When you use our tool to create cohesive descriptions, your brand image is improved due to the consistency of the descriptions that you publish. This inevitably leads to you selling more properties, more often.


15 Feb 2018
Property Scribe

One of the most important aspects to selling houses is the property description. Before taking a look at homes that they may be interested in, potential buyers read your property description first to ensure that it is what they want from their new home. That is why it is important to make sure that your property description maximises your opportunity of selling to anybody who might be interested.

Now that you are aware that your property descriptions need to be convincing enough for people to invest their time in viewing the property, you need to ensure that you modify your property descriptions in no time at all. We’ve written this blog post to help you do that – quickly!

Property Description Tips: Don’t obsessively use capital letters and exclamation marks

Although ‘HUGE BEDROOMS AND FANTASTIC KITCHEN!!!’ might seem like something enticing and convincing to include in your property descriptions, it reeks of desperation to anybody else who might be reading. You may feel like you’re portraying the property in an exciting manner, but prospective buyers do not. The above example is just one demonstration of how you can make your business appear laughable.

It’s very simple for you to avoid falling into making your descriptions look as though a 5-year-old wrote them: read it, then read again. It will be glaringly obvious if you have overdone the capital letters and exclamation marks.

Property Description Tips: Always be honest

When creating any and every property description, you won’t get anywhere if you start writing something that is intentionally misleading. If it’s a property that’s a stepping stone on to something bigger and better, don’t portray it as a 30-bedroom mansion that a family could happily live in for years. It’s always best to ensure that you are as honest as possible.

If there is an element to the property that you believe would majorly impact your ability (negatively) to sell the property just don’t mention it. There’s no point lying to your potential viewers but by avoiding the issue, you haven’t been dishonest with anybody.

Property Description Tips: Include clear, high-quality photographs

You’ve heard the saying: a picture is worth a thousand words. Whilst the validity of this statement is highly dependent on the context, in the context of property descriptions it is true. A property description without photographs encourages negative connotations; is there a reason why you don’t want to show people pictures of the property that you are trying to sell to them?

It is important for you to demonstrate in written terms what the potential homeowner has to look forward to when they buy the house from you, but it is equally important that you include photographs to physically demonstrate what you are talking about.

A property description that has pictures included offers many times more credibility, meaning more people are likely to trust in what you are saying about the property.

If you’re considering not including pictures, think about this: a property description that has images included will get triple (if not more) the viewings that one without will get.