30 Mar 2018
Property Scribe

If you have to create amazing property descriptions on a regular basis, and quickly, it can be hard to ensure the quality of them. We all know that if you have to rush something and maintain the quality at the same time, it’s unlikely to happen. Rushed and quality don’t go together and it’s unlikely that they ever will – without help, that is.

There is one way that you can guarantee your property descriptions are not only brilliant but formulated within tight time constraints: Property Scribe.

Our first-of-its-kind tool allows you to create impressive property descriptions in a fraction of the time that it would take you without the help of it.

Here is how you can create detailed and persuasive property descriptions in mere minutes.

Have a universal structure for descriptions

Everything is much easier if you have a platform to start from and that’s why you need to have a n agreed structure for your descriptions.

With a pre-agreed structure, you’ll always have something to start with when you’re creating property descriptions, and it’ll make it so much easier for you in the long run.

Instead of having to create a new structure every time you know that you need to write a property description, create a general structure and plan: you’ll get through your descriptions much faster.

Research the house and area it’s in

Making sure you have all of the details you need about the house before you create your property descriptions is crucial. If you don’t guarantee that you have the details that you vitally need, you can be left with disastrous descriptions that wouldn’t sell the greatest house in the world.

Details such as how many rooms the house includes, the size of these rooms, and whether the house has a garden are all important, amongst other bits of information.

Not only is it imperative that you try and guarantee you have all the necessary information about the property, it’s also essential that you know about the area that the home is based in. For example, are there schools near, are shops close, and what activities can you do near the property? With this data, you can make it indirectly clear in your description who your intended audience for this property are.

Property Scribe helps with structure and formulating your descriptions

When you sign up for your Property Scribe seven-day free trial, you will notice immediately how useful the tool can be in terms of helping you to keep a consistent format and create detailed descriptions.

Property Scribe will allow you to set out how you would like your property descriptions to look every time, so you can ensure that your format always stays the same. This allows you to build your brand and makes you easily recognisable amongst the slog of property descriptions littering the internet.

Property Scribe helps you to nurture your writing skills and techniques to create property descriptions that accurately reflect your company’s brand and style. This means that you can create property descriptions quickly, but it also ensures they’re still of a high quality.

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16 Mar 2018
Hands typing on a white laptop keyboard

Do you have properties loitering on your books that you’ve been struggling to shift for what feels like forever? While you might feel as though you’ve attempted everything to try and sell these properties, there are always more tactics that you can use to shift pesky houses from your collection.

With our tips you will be able to convince anybody to buy the properties that you’re selling, and you’ll be able to build an impressive reputation for selling homes within a tight time constraint.

Here are a few ways that you can make sure people want to buy the properties that you have available.

Perfect your property descriptions

Although you’ve probably been told in the past that impressive properties will sell themselves without any effort, the truth is exactly the opposite of that: you must ensure that you put all the effort you can into properly marketing your properties.

One of the biggest parts of marketing your property is guaranteeing that your property descriptions are perfect, or as close to perfect as they can get.

Although creating property descriptions might seem easy, more work is involved in crafting the ideal description than you might realise.

Here are some pointers for getting your descriptions right:

  • Include details: When producing your property descriptions, it’s imperative to make sure that you try and include all of the necessary details: including measurements and amounts can make your descriptions become more convincing, and your property is likely to be sold faster. For example, in your descriptions, it’s important to say how many bathrooms the house has, and how big the rooms are.
  • Start with the best feature but leave one until last: It’s important to start your description off with a bang, so start off by explaining one of the best features of the property you’re selling; if there are plenty of good features, you can order these in your description however you please. The only thing worth noting is that you shouldn’t end on a bad feature; in fact, it is better for you to finish on a good feature so that the last thing the reader remembers is something good about the home.
  • Include photographs: Although getting all the text right is an important factor, you must also make sure that you demonstrate what you’re saying using photographs; honey-coated words can only take you so far – you have to prove what you’re saying at some point. With high-quality photographs, you offer all of your descriptions a highly-professional feel.

Using Property Scribe to help craft detailed, comprehensive descriptions

For most, everything we’ve written in this blog post can be overwhelming, and you might give up when you see that there are so many different components to creating the ideal property description.

With Property Scribe you can accurately develop descriptions seamlessly, making your job much easier.

Are you unsure whether Property Scribe is the right tool for your business? We understand that you might be concerned as to whether you should invest without finding out more about us. With that in mind, start your free trial today – we’re sure you’ll love it!