29 Jun 2018
Estate agents: How to get people to sell with you

Estate agents: How to get people to sell with you

It is obvious to anybody that breaking into estate agent industry is not going to be simple. It is highly competitive with a wide range of agencies offering different deals to appear appealing to not only potential buyers but potential sellers too.  When you’re an estate agent, it is paramount that you get people to sell their house with you for obvious reasons so it is important that you also have something that appeals to sellers. This is our guide to helping you gain sellers.

Deciding on a target audience

Whilst it is often important to appeal to a wide range of people as an estate agent, a preferred target audience can really help when trying to break into the industry. If you cater to a certain demographic your focus is likely to help you get more clients despite only aiming to work directly with one group of people. For example, if you specifically target young people, push this point specifically in your adverts, blog posts social media and on your website young people will see this if they’re looking to buy or sell simply through searching on Google. This can make you stand out from the crowd of estate agencies who aim to please everybody. Whilst this may turn away some people not in the audience that you are aiming at, it’s worth it to stand out.

Build a reputation of exceeding the average customer service

Especially for a new estate agent, you need to garner an excellent reputation. Since you only have very few customers, you need to make sure that they are attended to with excellent customer service. This will lead to them recommending you to others so that you end up with more clients. If you have poor customer service, you’re unlikely to get any more clients. Especially with reviews in places such as Google and Facebook, you need to make sure that as a small business these are all positive.

Well-presented web presence

When someone is looking at whether they should sell with you or not they may look at houses that you are already selling. This means that you need to make sure that wherever your estate agency is presented it is presented well. If you do have social media pages, you should make sure that all your posts make sense and that all your photos are high-quality. If you have posts that are overflowing with misspellings and a blurry cover photo, someone is unlikely to show an interest in selling their house with you; especially when it comes to the writing on your posts considering you’ll need to write property descriptions for any properties! As well as making sure your social media pages are professional, you need to make sure that your website gives the same impression. No matter how good your social media is, with a poor website you are unlikely to get customers. Considering that you’ll need to sell properties on it, if it is a state it will put people off selling with you.