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How We Started

Property Scribe has a long history in the property industry. Our expertise in selling & rental of properties has come from 10 years of business know how and a dedicated team of professionals.

From our experience as working as part of a team we have found that with individuals’ backgrounds and various skill bases, we had a variation of writing techniques which resulted in a range of different property descriptions that were not uniform.

Property Scribe is the first of its kind in the realm of property writing applications in the world. With a history in property sales and letting, we found that trying to get a consistent format for all our properties was difficult to achieve.


Signing up to Scribe your descriptions right away is as easy as 1 2 3. Simply register for an account, pay for a £10 monthly subscription and start compiling your descriptions right away.

Saving you time and effort

Variations in writing techniques and skills never really reflected the companies brand and style. We have spent a great deal of time getting this application to a level where you, our customer can come and build a property description, effectively, easily and reduce the amount of time required to think of what to write, keeping a standard uniform format for your business.

We are very happy to have an application that collaborates with others in your team. This allows you to get your property descriptions where they need it to go, whether that is with a colleague or with a distribution channel.