30 Apr 2018
How to enhance a property description by changing a few words

How to enhance a property description by changing a few words

We all know that writing property descriptions can be taxing at times as you try to figure out where to start and what to say, and that’s just when you’re writing for yourself! When you’re an estate agent it’s even more difficult as you need to write enticing descriptions to draw attention to your properties. Often, a writer will doubt their own work no matter how good their writing is, but this blog post is to help you understand why changing a few words can boost your property descriptions and help you get the ever-crucial sale.


A property description should predominantly be what it says on the tin: a description of the property. This means that if you are writing and it lacks any description, it is unlikely to set the world alight. Whilst talking about the surrounding area and amount of rooms in the house is also a good thing to do, you also need to make sure that you do actually describe the property as well. A good step for describing rooms well can be to look at the room and write the description whilst you’re looking at it. You can simply describe things such as the size of rooms (preferably with accurate measurements), colour of the walls or the best features. If you don’t include description, it can put people off showing an interest in the property.


Once you have descriptions as mentioned above, you need to make sure that they’re going to be appealing to people looking to buy as well as precise. If you describe rooms as being a ‘nice’ size, this isn’t really going to be helpful to somebody considering viewing the property. You need to make sure that descriptions are as accurate as possible. For example, if you’re describing the size of the bathroom, instead of writing that it is ‘small’, write specific measurements. Your opinion of what is ‘big’ or ‘small’ is not going to match the opinion of everybody which is why it’s better to describe details such as size with actual measurements to avoid any unnecessary confusion. Actual measurements are much more likely to sell a property than ambiguous words are.


When you’re writing property descriptions, it can be good practice to tailor it to catch the eye of a demographic you want to buy the property. This could just mean changing a couple of words to make it more appealing to them but sometimes it could just mean talking about the surrounding area if that is something that can cater for the people that you are looking to sell the property to. For example, if you are trying to sell the property to elderly people and there’s a group nearby which exists to encourage the elderly to come together to socialise, you would mention this in the description of the property. If you were aiming to sell the property to a young couple, you would probably not mention this as not only is it irrelevant but it might put them off moving to the area.

That’s a small number of ways in which you can change a few words in your property descriptions to make them more successful. We hope that you’ve found our guide useful!



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